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Vietnam Plas 03-06.10.2019

Cailong & Dafu attended the Vietnam Plas 2019 from 03rd to 6th Oct. In Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Cailong is one of the earliest factory for Alox PET film in China. And we introduce the high-end metallizers imported from Germany and we have been in the high barrier packaging industry for more than 14 years. During this exhibition we showed our featured products in our company’s booth:

- Retortable grade high barrier Alox PET film;

- Seamless holographic BOPP/PET film;

- 6mic ultra-thin metallized film;

- Chemically enhanced coating metallized film;

- PLA metallized film / Original PLA film;

At the same time Dafu, which is the subsidiary company of Cailong, which show their featured products - PC/PMMA composite board which will be used in 5G mobile phone back board, touch screen, automotive control parts, interior parts, dashboards, monitors, bags, helmets.

During the exhibition we received customers from Vietnam, Taiwan and the United States, introduced our products and expressed our intention to cooperate with us. We made a fruitful rewarding from this exhibition.